Detached Dream

by Zach Taul

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I basically ended up writing an essay explaining this song, but it felt too personal, so I decided to start over. And I'm still trying to find the words to describe this song, but I end up deleting what I'm writing and starting over. This is a song about a disconnected relationship and dreams that encompass the death of it. Its about self realizations and fears that you've been being mentally abusive all along, thinking you were the victim, but actually you're the one doing the abuse, unknowingly.


i had a dream that you died
and there was nothing that i could do
i just stood there and watched
responsible for what was to come

i had a dream that i fucked up
that i played these mind games with you
and i hope this isnt real
oh god I'm sorry if i did

i had a dream that you were dead to me
everything exactly how it was and is
you wouldn't speak to me
this tension that you cant look at me
and this is all too real to me
what if I'm playing the victim
and I've been doing it all along and i
didn't know ro see how bad i really could be

and I'm acting like its a big deal
but we haven't talked for 2 fucking years
but I'm still having dreams about you
worrying over something fake again


released July 22, 2017



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