The Antisocial​-​Untitled Sessions

by Zach Taul

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The Third album by Zach Taul, the album explores ideas of the anxiety of facing the future and growing old, ideas of coming face to face with writers block and the loss of inspiration and ideas, which occurred many times throughout the writing process, and other stuff that is normally on albums of mine. I started working on this album beginning of January and I always thought that the process was moving a little too fast. By February I had 6 or so songs already completed. I was worried I was rushing the process and I was just making shit. However, I feel as if these songs are done and have marinated for an appropriate time or some shit like that. So here it is, the Anti-social untitled sessions.


released April 28, 2017



all rights reserved
Track Name: Too
you say that i need help
and I believe you
but im too scared
i think ill be just fine

you say that i need help
but ill shrug it all off
i wish i meant i was joking
i really wish I was kidding

you're too happy for me
im too depressed to see
you're too happy for me
its ok ill just let you be

you say i need help
and ya you're right
im too down in the dumps
hating all that i am
Track Name: Make it Better
and i don't wish to see you like that
and i wish you'd feel better
and you'd just go and smile
and you wouldn't just feel so down
cause i know how you're feeling
and its hard enough just as is
wont you just try and believe me
that its all right that its ok

and if you're tired then fall asleep
and if you're hungry just eat
cuz i hate to see you like that
its something im bad at

and im struggling to find a find a way
to make you see the reasons
and your smiling but your not
truly happy or joyful
and i want to do everything
to change that and make it true
and im trying to make it right
but im failing just like always

and i don't know what im doing
but ill just try my best
and hopefully you'll see that
make it better make you happy
Track Name: Shut My Mouth
Im breaking through
on these self inflicted wounds ive faced
im faceing all
that ive brought upon myself

because im
the only reason you cant stand me
now i see
my pathetic attempts to try wowing you

and now
i should shut my my mouth and leave you alone
im fantasizing something too fake to be
but ill
forget that you've got these situation
because im not one to try saying everything gonna be alright

im gonna shut my mouth and pretend
Track Name: Second to None
you say you'll come around, eventually
im waiting for the day, you keep it all
i hate to say that ive, given up on you
it kills me inside, i hate it all

and you just, pick them over
me any time, me any day
its not the, first time youve,
chosen to, not be me
ive alway come, second to none
but its ok, im used to it now (x2)
you say you love me but im finding it harder to see
i believe you do, but you just don't care,
if its in the way, don't bother with me

what i say and what i do, doesn't even matter
but who cares they are just more important
i cant remember when you been, by my side
its always, against me, failing to compromise

Ill still stand! up to anyone
talking shit! about you
ill still trust! in you that
you'll make it. make it right
like i have. for the past
twenty years. of my life
no matter. what goes on
ill still love and care for
you and hope you do the
same for me. like you do
Track Name: No Connection
you wouldn't recognize me
if you saw me today
im not who i was back then
im completely changed
ive become an outer shell
of myself that ive dreaded
becoming today but
i guess its okay

and, i haven't seen
you, for the past two
years, past away im
not, how you remember
we've become distanced away
but you couldn't care less
id say that id miss you
but you made no chance
to connect with me
but its ok. why would you?
why would you?

ive become depressed since
you last saw me, even though
i wasn't as happy back then
its really gotten worse
ive started writing down what ive
been feeling and putting them to songs
i've tried showing you but
you're not listening

id be lying if id say its not entirely my fault
ive secluded myself from everyone
wanted to be left alone from it all
but like ive said im fine
its ok don't worry
Track Name: Fall Away
Ill fall asleep tonight
think that it'll be alright
ill figure something out
maybe ill be happy
I dont know a damn thing about you
but im intrigued to learn
ill find out some things
the things i don't want to find

falling fallen x3

ill fall in love again
but you taken away
someone ill find right
taken away by all of it
you'll cause me to over think things
i find myself thinking
i think you're something else
funny, smart and out of my league

ill fall for you again
fall for anyone, fall away
and ill find someone not fallen
and you fall for each other
faced with everything
falling for someone fallen away
someday we’ll both waste
falling in my fallen waste
Track Name: Writers Block
ive got writers block
cant think of anything
my shit sounds the same
not a sound or a name

ive got too much on my mind
so whys it that i cant find
the words to say or scream
running out of ideas it seems

cant make anything new
it all sounds the same
its not something fresh
ive wrote this song before

nothing i make satisfies me
its just hot shit played before
recycled garbage once again
can i make another good thing
and ill write a song about a girl
and ill write a song about myself
write a song about all my hate
all because ive got writers block

struggling to write out
at least 3 verse
dull sense of language
all just the same thing
Track Name: Rut
and i don't know what the future holds
all i can say is its scaring me
i cant tell if what im pursing
is just what i want to be doing
i feel like im making some big mistake
taking the step into what i don't want
but thats just the simple problem
i dont know just what i want

i dont want to be stuck in this x3
in this rut defining my life

throwing away all of my money
by the semester learning away
something ill be trapped in for life
working away in some trance
i know this feeling is just normal
as i near the end of my term
its just i feel sense of my fear
as i grow to face what life has stored

and ill graduate from my school and
be something better than i always thought
get a 9-5 and work on the weekdays
live what i wanted live how i need
but for some stupid reason
the thought of that is scaring me
anxiety is coursing through me
just like everybody else
Track Name: Altered
im finding some sort of lack of confidence
i cant tell her how i really feel
without a stimulant to take me away
make me something, something im not

and I CAN only TALK TO you when im fucked up
when IM NOT who I AM altered by some chemical
its A CURSE a DISEASE living sheltered from it
i WANT IT i NEED it to be something I want

pop another pill so ill feel great
jittery and somehow functional
drink down the can to get some burst
make it so im not such a dick! like you say i am

and without it
im some asshole
unbearable fucking up my life
and without it
im left alone
standing by myself wallow away
and without it
im just not
happy as i want to be
im addicted
i need my
fix of my medicine
Track Name: What Next?
maybe ill just cut my hair
maybe ill change what i wear
and just go try something new
put my life in to review
maybe ill stop going to concerts
spend my time and money else where
change all that ive became to be
settle down, grow old and waste away

as im nearing my twenties
im left thinking what to do
as im spiraling forward, violently
im left asking myself what next?

maybe ill drop out of school
and work at the same dump that
ive been working at for the last two years
and not challenge myself to go on
growing up is scaring me
im scared im gonna fuck up
and get stuck doing something
that i don't actually enjoy
and ill never be truly happy!

(wait one)
Fear of moving on, but fear of never changing
i want things to stay how they are, but how they are is shit
i want to go forwards, but don't want to leave behind what i love
im just a contradiction, who cant make up their fucking mind
im just stuck in this paradigm that i wont amount to anything
growing old and fading out, stuck to nothing
Track Name: Depressed
wishing on something else
finding no purpose

the days turn longer and longer way
but is ok im still holding on
watch me spin watch me fly out of control
here goes another round of the fright
and ill try for another day
just like i am fine
and ill look for another way
it feels like im dying

im just a useless waste
ill stay smothered in hate
Track Name: Last One, Right?
your stupid face is driving fucking insane
i cant escape the past anyway
reminded by the mistake that i have made
driving my mind to take away

why cant i go just a single week
without the thoughts running in my head
its an illusion i cant seem to face
im just pathetic cant you see

cant i leave behind what ive said
and move forwards
cant i move on and forget you
but your making it harder and harder
and im loving to hate you
after im done with it all
wouldn't you think the eighth song be enough
but i swear this is my last one, right?

i think ive overplayed this concept too much
but you've done a number on me, fucking right
on social media ruining my feed
but im over you i forgot
Track Name: Frustrated
i cant fucking concentrate
everything s a fucking hassle
wheres all my fucking patience
its gone, with my mind

ive lost my inspiration
in this writers block
cant find the right tone
to sway how i am

everything you say and do
is getting on my last nerve
shut the fuck up and
let me sit in peace

patience is growing thin
Track Name: I'm Just A Heathen Going to A Catholic School
im a piece of shit into metal music
long haired fuck scared about the future
but you say im just a fucking heathen
agnostic fuck with a lil bit of atheism

but i don't care about what you say cuz
nobody wants to say anything to me
and ill only match with people who are robots
cuz im just some punk little kid
and i feel like im gonna go nowhere with my life

i wanna rock but ive got to stay in school
i wanna play punk but my passions chemistry
and i hate everybody and everything

and im gonna quit it all and go on tour
but i cant speak so why the fuck will i be able to play
in front of dozens of people, playing my stupid songs
and i wanna get away from all of this
but im just going to a catholic school
Track Name: ... and I Don't Belong
and im antisocial in these untitled
sessions that im writing these songs
cuz im scared of getting hurt
once again so i wont open
up to anyone to protect me
and now no one cares and its
probably for the best to be alone
so i wont get hurt like before
and my self esteem isn't getting better
and im not feeling happier